Research Tools and Methods

Web Macroscope

In order to understand and analyse the functionality and pulse of the Web, we require tools and visualisations of the flows, exchanges of information, and activity of different social machines. The situation room is SOCIAM’s solution to monitoring, analysing and tracking the emergence and evolution of social machines on the Web. Driven by Web Observatory, the SOCIAM Macroscope provides a real-time observational window to examine and compare human and machine interaction at the macro and micro level.

Web Observatory

The Web Observatory aims to become a global data, analytics, and visualisation environment for the advancement of research, and ultimately improving economic and social prosperity. Given the ever-increasing streams of Web data, the Web Observatory positions itself as a suitable environment to study the evolution and impact of the Web's ecosystem which operates at massive scale and is dominated by unexpected, emergent phenomena and radical user-led innovations in technology and society.

Understanding the "social" in "social machine"

One of the big challenges of Social Machines when attempting to understand them is that they are dynamic systems; and this dynamic dimension can be attributed largely to the fact that they are social. It so follows that in order to understand social machines with the view to building them or to building systems that would support their emergence, one of the crucial tasks is to understand what sociality is in a social machine.