Thinking globally about digital health innovation

The keynote was presented at World Health and Design Forum (Eindhoven, October 2014)

Digital health innovations hold great promise for improving lives of citizens and patients, and are attracting great investment in Europe. But the narrative surrounding this investment is dominated by a focus on wealthy countries with strong markets and infrastructures and preoccupied with conditions of the elderly and overweight. However if we wish to understand the full power of digital health innovations we need to think globally, including other parts of the world where the challenges for human health and the implications for technology are very different, and we need to think differently about what we mean by ‘innovation’. This presentation will consider these challenges and uncertainties, comparing different models and their implications, with reference to projects in which the Global Health Academy and our collaborators are involved, as well as stories of unexpected innovation that provide food for thought and offer potential to bring solutions from elsewhere back to Europe. Moderator: Peter Portheine MBA

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Claudia Pagliari