Crowdsourcing provenance of distributed scholarly contributions - An experiment in the context of USEWOD

The USEWOD workshop series has created and maintained a forum for researchers to investigate the synergy between the Web of Data and Web usage mining. This involves the analysis of semantic data usage but also the exploitation of Semantic Web technologies to advance usage mining approaches in general. Among other things, USEWOD hosts what has become the reference data set for research on query logs of Linked Data endpoints. But more than just a raw data set this is in fact part of an infrastructure of the source data set, processed versions of it, methods and tools that work on it, and the publications which came out of the particular studies published at various venues.

The upcoming edition of USEWOD 2014 focuses on this as a special theme: building a USEWOD Web Observatory to track the distribution of research based on the USEWOD data set. A a central part the workshop will host a live crowdsourcing activity to collect the provenance metadata that brings together the root data set and the publications that refer to it.

The Call for Papers is available here.