Call for papers for SOCM2015

The call for papers of the third international workshop on the theory and practice of social machines: observing social machines on the Web (SOCM2015) is out!

The workshop will be co-located with the WWW2015 conference in Florence, Italy, in May 2015, and is chaired by Prof. Dame Wendy Hall, Prof. Dave De Roure, and Prof. Sir Nigel Shadbolt.

The SOCM2015 workshop will focus on social machines that have, or may yet soon have, a profound impact on the lives of individuals, businesses, governments, and the society as a whole. Its goal is to foster interesting discussions on issues pertinent to the observation of both extant and yet unrealized social machines. This edition builds on work of the previous editions of the SOCM workshop series (SOCM2013 and SOCM2014) and the Web Observatory workshops of the last two years (WOW2013 and WOW2014). SOCM2015 aims to identify factors that govern the growth or impede these systems to develop, and to identify unmet observation needs or the kinds of loosely-coordinated distributed social systems the Web enables. We also intend to discuss methods to analyse and explore social machines, as essential mechanisms for deriving the guidelines and best practices that will inform the design of social machines and social machine observatories.

Please see the workshop website for more information.