Combatting Corruption with Technology for Sustainable Healthcare

Billions of dollars meant for the delivery of public health services are being lost to corruption, theft and fraud every year in some low and middle income countries. Our latest paper in the Journal of Global Health analyses the ways in which mobiles, the Internet and other digital innovations are being used to combat these problems.

Wikimania 2014

The following blog post describes the ongoing Wikipedia research by members of the SOCIAM project in the University of Southampton, and contains some of the highlights of the Wikimania 2014 conference, held in London, August 2014. In short, this blog post contains our thinking and current insights of our analysis of Wikipedia as an evolving and dynamic social machine. As part of this we question pre-existing research fields and paradigms in our quest to better understand the complexities of the Wikipedia ecosystem.

Web Observatory Workshop (WOW) 2014 @ WWW2014

The second day of the 25th International Conference of the World Wide Web (WWW2014) hosted the 2nd Web Observatory Workshop (WOW) 2014. Attracting a number of new faces as well as those that participated during the previous year, the morning session was opened by Professor Dame Wendy Hall who provided the general overview and insights of the current state of development and future aspirations of the Web Observatory project.

Updates on the SOCIAM Web Observatory

A core aspect in SOCIAM is observing and understanding social machines. In order to achieve this, the SOCIAM Web Observatory, which is part of a larger venture under the Web Science Trust network is developing the technical and analytical infrastructure in order to observe, analyse and understand the characteristics and evolution of social machines, at varying levels of granularity.

Citizen Science, It's not a Game

As part of our quest into understanding the emergent properties of social machines, one avenue of current research is the study of citizen science. In recent years, this Web activity has become a great exemplar of crowdsourcing and "Wisdom of the Crowd", where thousands - and now millions - of volunteers spend their own free time completing scientific in order to further our current knowledge in many different domains.

Crowdsourcing provenance of distributed scholarly contributions - An experiment in the context of USEWOD

The USEWOD workshop series has created and maintained a forum for researchers to investigate the synergy between the Web of Data and Web usage mining. This involves the analysis of semantic data usage but also the exploitation of Semantic Web technologies to advance usage mining approaches in general. Among other things, USEWOD hosts what has become the reference data set for research on query logs of Linked Data endpoints.